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Poznań has for centuries been among Poland’s largest and most developed cities, both culturally and economically. With a population of over a half million, it lies at the intersection of Europe’s principal transport routes, linking Moscow with Berlin and Prague with the Baltic coast. It is this location conducive to the co-existence of many nationalities and cultures that has shaped Poznań’s identity and the unique character of its inhabitants. Poznanians are said to be frugal, hard-working and well-organized.

Poznań is a place where the energy of the New Europe is merged with the civilization of the West. A metropolis with over -a-million residents, Poznań is situated in the most economically developed region of Poland.

The city is focused on achieving success, grounded on a 1000-year tradition of competence. The most ambitious of projects and the bravest of visions have a chance to succeed here. The people of this metropolis also stand out in terms of their spirit of enterprise, renowned for generations. During the great economic crisis at the beginning of the 20th century, Poznań managed to establish itself as one of the biggest trading areas in this part of Europe. Today, the Poznań International Trade Fair Centre successfully hosts large international events including the 2008 United Nations IPCC climate conference and a 2010 meeting of the delegations of 46 ministers of culture from Europe and Asia, under the auspices of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

Poznań cultural climate is formed by the wide range of entertainment on offer. Major international events hosted here include: Malta Festival - the biggest theatre festival in Poland, Dancing Poznań - which has been attracting dancers from all over the world for 17 years and the Made in Chicago Festival - the only festival of the Chicago Jazz School in Europe.

Poznań’s foresighted and affluent residents have always had respect for knowledge and science. Poznań’s first institution of higher education, the Lubrański Academy, was founded in 1518. The city is now home to 26 institutions of higher education, whose students account for almost 130,000 of the city’s population of just under 600,000. Poznań is famed for its tradition of economic management and frugality, and for over 85 years trade fairs and exhibitions have been organised here. Every year over 80 national and international trade fair events and over 3,000 conferences and congresses are held in the city. 

A city rich in culture, Poznań is home to the world-famous Poznań Nightingales - Boys’ and Men’s Choir of the Poznań Philharmonic conducted for many years by Stefan Stuligrosz, the country’s only Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet, and the Agnieszka Duczmal’s Chamber Orchestra. Music lovers flock to the city every 5 years for the Henryk Wieniawski International Violin and Violin-making Competition. The memory of the eminent Poznań composer Krzysztof Komeda lives on in this hometown. Komeda achieved international fame with his film music, most notably for Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby”. Poznań also boasts a rich and vibrant theatre scene. Alternative theatre enthusiasts regularly descend on Poznań for the annual MALTA International Theatre Festival, which has become the city’s flagship event for June. The cultural programme is also enriched by other smaller festivals, which are rapidly gaining popularity, including the Animator festival, Poland’s largest festival of animated films, and the Transatlantyk festival devoted to film music.

Poznanians live in a green city with numerous parks and large recreation areas and also a regatta course hailed as the world’s finest. Thanks to its close proximity to nature, diverse range of sports facilities, including the all-year ski slope by Lake Malta and the new football stadium, which hosted UEFA EURO 2012 matches, Poznań is an excellent place to spend your time in an active way. Thanks to its superb sports infrastructure, Poznań is a regular venue for the world’s top sports events, including the World Rowing Masters Regatta, held on Lake Malta and Poland’s biggest road race, the famous Poznań Marathon.

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