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30 June 2017 - closed

Standard registration and
abstract submission deadline:
31 July 2017 - closed

Late registration deadline:
31 August 2017 - closed

Social Programme

Welcome Reception

Date: Sunday, 3 September 2017
Start: 18.00

We are delighted to announce that the welcome evening will be graced by guitarist Matthew Kelly.

Matthew Kelly is an Irish guitarist, who has been stationed in Poznan for several years and sings the songs of such artists as: Maroon5, The Beatles, Ray Charles and U2. He plays eclectic music from the border of jazz and ambient, but also such genres as funk, soul, blues, salsa swing and reggae.

If you are interested in acoustic performance of greatest hits in music entertainment feel free to enjoy the first meeting with other delegates in a relaxed atmosphere with music and light refreshments.

The Welcome Reception is included in the registration fee.

Gala Dinner

Date: Thursday, 7 September 2017
Venue: Concordia Design, Zwierzyniecka Street 3
Start: 19.00

The Gala Dinner will take place on Thursday , 7 September 2017 at 19.00 at Concordia Design, (Zwierzyniecka Str. 3), secession style building of the former printing house. It is located 20 minutes away from the conference venue and in the close neighborhood of Hotel „Mercure” and „Jowita” Dormitory.

This year, the gala dinner will feature an outstanding young pianist, Jacek Kortus. In February 2005 the artist was a participant in the Fryderyk Chopin Polish Piano Competition in Warsaw. In October 2005 he became a finalist, honored at the XV International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.

Please note that the transport is not assured.


Sport activities

Sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, and licenced trainers will be available free of charge in the University Campus (ca 1 km from the Conference venue).

Venue: Department of Physical Education and Sport, Zagajnikowa Street 9, Poznań

Participation in the activities is possible only after the registration at the Registration Desk (one day in advance) with valid conference ID. All facilities are included in the fee.

Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of our sport facilities
Sport activity Place Number of people Trainer Opening hours  Price Comments
Indoor swimming Campus max
60 people
6:00 - 22:00 Included in the fee  
Tennis Campus 2-8 people Yes 6:00 - 22:00 Included in the fee Personal trainer extra charge
Voleyball Campus 8-36 people Yes 10:00 - 12:00 16:00 - 18:00 Included in the fee  
Basketball Campus 8-36 people Yes 10:00 - 12:00 16:00 - 18:00 Included in the fee  
Gym Campus 36 people Yes 6:00 - 22:00 Included in the fee Personal trainer extra charge
Fencing Campus 1-10 people Yes 6:00 - 22:00 Included in the fee Personal trainer extra charge
Table tennis Campus 2-8 people No 6:00 - 22:00 Included in the fee  
Sauna Campus max
10 people
No 6:00 - 22:00 Included in the fee  


Trip 1 - Rogalin Palace (optional), Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Start: 15.30, Conference Venue
Duration: around 4h
The Rogalin Palace is a true jewelry of 18th residential palace architecture. Built in the late 1700's, it belonged to a noble family of Raczyński and has been a witness to various historical events in the last 200 years. Thanks to the recent interior renovation, it now faithfully illustrates the life of various family members from late 18th century to the outbreak of WWII.
You are going to see richly furnished rooms with work-of-art chandeliers, cutlery, paintings and various other examples of applied arts. The library room, with its wooden hand-carved bookcases covering all 4 walls a few meters all the way up to the ceiling is considered the greatest highlight of the palace. 
Apart from the interiors, the adjacent painting gallery of Edward Aleksander Raczyński exhibits approximately 250 works of art by acclaimed European artist. The biggest attraction, however, is the biggest painting by Jan Matejko - Joan of Arc reaching as much as 484 x 973 cm. The palace is surrounded by a French and English style gardens, the latter a home to numerous age-old oaks, including the country-famous Lech, Czech and Rus.

Trip 2 - Poznań (optional), Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Start: 15.30, Conference Venue
Duration: around 3h

Poznań - the 5th biggest city in Poland and the capital of the Greater Poland province has a history spanning across more than 1,000 years. On this trip you are going to dive back to the roots of the city located on Ostrów Tumski (the Cathedral Island) and explore 10th C. relicts hidden beneath the cathedral floor. You will witness the very beginnings of the Polish state and Christianity on that territory. Next, you are going to the colourful Market Square with the 16th C. Renaissance Town Hall towering over the city. It is here, every day at noon that the famous goats of Poznań appear in front of crowds gathering to watch the show. Other spots on the itinerary include a true jewelry of Roman Baroque: the former Jesuits church of St. Stanislaw the Bishop, adjacent palaces and the Royal Castle topping the Przemyslaw Hill. The tour will be finished on a sweet note - a tasting of St. Martin Croissant, a local specialty revered by tourists.


Special session - Meteorite Morasko Reserve

Trip 3 - Meteorite Morasko Reserve (optional), Thursday, 7 September 2017
Start: 8.00, Conference Venue
Duration: 2h

Morasko Reserve was established around 6 impact craters created by meteors around 5,000 years ago. First meteor weighing 77kg was found here in 1914 by German soldiers digging trenches. Subsequent excavations unveiled much bigger pieces - 164 and 261kg, the last being the biggest meteor piece discovered in Poland. The impact resulted in sizable craters, the biggest reaching around 90 meters in diameter and 11 meters of depth. On this trip you are going to see the impact craters and learn about the processes involved in meteor impacts. Sweet treat on the bus included - the St. Martin Croissant.


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Welcome to Poznań

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Satellite Meeting

Friday 8th September from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday 9th September from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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