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Elena Vladimira Boldyreva

Chief Researcher at the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk and Head of the Chair of Solid State Chemistry of Novosibirsk State University.
Prof Boldyreva is known for her profound studies on the reactivity of solids, high-pressure and low-temperature crystallography, polymorphism, crystallization, phase transitions, dissolution of molecular solids, problems related to mechanochemistry, drug-excipient interactions, metastable and amorphous states of molecular solids, drug formulations, photo- and thermomechanical effects, and feed-back phenomena. While the research is fundamental,  it finds considerable applications in biology, pharmaceutical sciences, materials science, and related industries.  
Prof Boldyreva was one of the pioneers  in the discovery and study of photomechanical effects in molecular crystals in the 1980s-1990s, and has continued this research  in recent years. She has contributed to the quantitative description of various types of photomechanical effects in relation to reaction kinetics and mechanism, as well as to combining photocrystallography and photospectroscopy with high-pressure research.
Prof Boldyreva is a pioneer of high-pressure diffraction studies of organic and coordination compounds. She systematically uses high pressure as a tool to study and modify the intermolecular interactions and intramolecular conformations in crystals, to trigger polymorphic transformations, to obtain new crystalline forms, and to understand the mechanisms of dissolution, crystallization, solid-state transformations and chemical reactions. Through this work, particular attention is paid   to the kinetics and control of the transformations.  Prof Boldyreva’s group is the only group in Russia and one of the leading groups in the world in this field.
Prof Boldyreva has contributed to the research of the “feed-back” phenomenon, and the related concept of the reaction cavity, by both experimental techniques and computational modeling.
Prof Boldyreva is widely known for her profound original research of polymorphism in organic compounds. She has made significant contributions to understanding the  thermodynamics and kinetics of their formation, and structure-properties relations across polymorphic series.
In addition, Prof Boldyreva has made major original contributions in the field of organic mechanochemistry, and is actively involved in organizing international conferences in this field.
Prof Boldyreva is also active  in the study and design of new solid drug forms and formulations with improved properties. She is one of the leaders in the study of drugs and drug formulations as materials.
Prof Boldyreva is the author and co-author of over 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals and over 30 chapters in  monographs.
Prof Boldyreva is a member of many research societies and committees, including the International Advisory Committee on the Reactivity of Solids, the European Crystallographic Association, the International Mechanochemical Association, the American Nanosociety, the COMPRES society (USA), the American Chemical Society, Sigma Xi research society, the National Committee of Russian Crystallographers, the International Committee on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State, the International Association of Physical Chemists, the European Society of Physical Chemistry, Eurostar-Science, the German Crystallographic Society, the International Centre for Diffraction Data (2002 - present time), and the International Union of Crystallographers (IUCr). She is a member of the IUCr Commissions on High Pressure and on Teaching, and of a Special Interest Group “Intermolecular interactions and crystal chemistry”. From 2008 until 2014 she was an elected member of the Executive Committee of the IUCr.
She was a Member of the Chemistry Expert Committee of the Russian Foundation of Basic Research and acts as an expert for many foundations in Russia and abroad. She was a member of the Selection Committees for the Ewald, Perutz , and Bertaut Prizes. Prof Boldyreva is a Member of the Advisory Council on Science of the Russian Ministry of Science and Education, andwas a Member of the Advisory Council on Science and Education of the President of the Russian Federation (2012-2014).


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